Interactive data vis, animations & web content

Turning data into engaging, interactive graphics for online display

I have created numerous interactive data visualisations, animated gifs and HTML web content since 2014. I work in Affinity Designer and Illustrator to prepare the basic artwork and assets, which are then animated in Tumlt Hype Pro using timeline animation organised in multiple scenes throughout which the user navigates.

Many of the interactive graphics and animations were published online in popular science articles, others were hobby projects. I have designed accessible, HTML web content to expand native functionality of non-Wordpress websites, including a sliding image carousel to the homepage of GEUS Bulletin.

Adding interactivity allows the user to zoom in on specific data, isolating certain features of interest while drawing their attention to one item at a time for more effective scicomms.

View individual projects on my blog and Béhance.

Unique self-hosted interactive animations

I have used Tumult Hype pro to produce fully responsive animations and interactive graphics based on timeline functions, multiple scenes and device layouts.

This graph depicts average monthly precipitation, temperature, and sunshine hours for the period 1981 to 2010. It can be exported as HTML, and self-hosted on Github. It can be embedded into any website via simple iframe code.

It can also be exported as a gif.

Gif: Cath Jex

Expanded native web functionality

Tumult Hype Pro can expand the native functionality of any website content management system by adding self-hosted, fully responsive and accessible HTML web content.

This scientific journal now has a customised layout and new functionality that was otherwise not available in the basic setup. Here, I designed and developed a slider, carousel to feature the most recent published articles. The same approach can be used to create other web content, such as hotspots fo images or maps.

Gif: Cath Jex

Online games with drag and drop functionality and javascript

I have developed a number of interactive games for online use in Tumult Hype Pro, extended by javascript.

These are fully responsive for use across tablet and mobile devices, with touch screen functionality.

The game depicted here uses javascript to implement a dice roll function and drag and drop functionality to allow the player to move the pieces around the board.

Credit: Cath Jex


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