Logo design

Logo design for digital and print formats for collector's website and children's book

I designed logos and developed the brand identity for a vintage watch collector’s website and a children’s book. Both were projects for family members.

The logos were first sketched out then drawn in Affinity Designer.

The Polerouter Reference Website presents an ever expanding database of model numbers, reference information, and material for the Universal Geneve Polerouter vintage watch. The logo was designed to resemble the classic design features of the Polerouter watch, using the basic outline and characteristic dial pattern in a flat monotone icon design. The logo is used on the website and social media channels and is easily adapted for the other main area of the website – The Marketplace – a place to sell, buy and exchange Polerouter watches and parts.

The children’s book, Skipp the Sailor, needed a logo that could be used in print as well as in digital formats – in an ebook, website and social media.

The final design uses a life ring to circle the brand and book series name. A playful font was chosen that resembles a handwritten style while still being easily recognised and read by young children. The colours match those used in the clothes of the main character, Skipp.

Logo design for Skipp the Sailor, Children’s book, website and shop. (Credit: Cath Jex)

Designed in Affinity Designer

Vector artwork was prepared in sketch form and redrawn in Affinity Designer – vector artwork software. Standard file formats are exported for multi-platform use.

Credit: Cath Jex

Brand identity guided the designs

The two logos each capture the essence of the brand. One is a sharp, simple flat design that plays on the instantly recognisable shape and dial of the Polerouter watches. The other is playful and colourful, depicting the sailor theme with a font that engages parents and children.

Gif: Cath Jex

Designed for digital and print formats

Both logos are easily deployed for use on the web, social media and in print.

Credit: Cath Jex


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