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Experienced science journalist and writer of popular science

In 2015 I began working as a science writer at Sciencenordic.com – the international sister site to Videnskab.dk (meaning ‘science’ in Danish) and Forskning.no (meaning ‘research’ in Norwegian).

I wrote short-form and feature length articles on a range of scientific topics, with a focus on climate and Earth sciences.

My articles were translated into Danish for Videnskab.dk, and often republished or cited by a number of other Danish media, including Berlingske and Jyllands-Posten, and by our Norwegian sister site, Forskning.no.

I reported on new research from around the Nordics, as well as features to help non-experts understand key topics in climate science. I produced a number of articles to communicate the long and often unexpected history of climate science, such as the Cold War race to understand and document environmental change in the Arctic. I interviewed leading scientists and scicomm giants like Prof. Brian Cox. And I delved into the politics that engulf scientists’ efforts to understand the weather and climate here in the Nordicsin the US, and the UK.

My time as a science writer also included a trip to Greenland to report on environmental science by Greenlandic scientists.

See a collection of my popular science articles at Contently.

Science writer at ScienceNordic.com and Videnskab.dk

I began translating and writing short articles for ScienceNordic in 2015. I was promoted to editor in 2017.

Photo: Catherine Jex

Specialised in climate and Earth sciences

I covered the latest breaking news in climate research from the Nordics and produced a number of background feature length articles.

Photo: Screenshot / Catherine Jex

Articles republished by international media

Many articles were republished by national media outlets in Denmark, including Berlingske and Jyllands-Posten, and Forskning.no in Norway.

Photo: Screenshot / Catherine Jex


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