Static data vis graphics and gifs

Data visualisations for popular science communication

I love creating beautiful graphics to help explain scientific concepts for a non-expert audience or to simply adapt and re-style graphs and tables from scientific papers and reports for popular scicomm. 

Since 2014, I have used a number of graphics software packages, including Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator and Figma to create static scicomm graphics.I’m also experienced in open source software solutions including GIMP and Inkscape. Some of these projects are published online in popular science articles and others are hobby projects.

Find more examples and how to guides on my blog and Béhance.

Climate Stripes for the Nordic countries

The Nordic Warming Stripes provide a visual representation of temperature change in Denmark and Greenland, based on the original climate stripes by Ed Hawkins at the University of Reading. Data in Excel, graphics in Affinity Designer.

Gif: Cath Jex

Tabulated data to map

Picking out key data from a table in a scientific publication and plotting it on a map for popular science dissemination. Drawn in Figma – a browser-based, free graphics software.

Credit: Cath Jex.

Climate data for popular Scicomm

Basic graphs can be easily styled for popular scicomm in Affinity Designer, Illustrator, GIMP, Inkscape or Figma.

Credit: Cath Jex


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