Web Design and development

Design and development of websites, from initial wireframes to full deploy of live sites

I have designed and developed websites for a vintage watch collector and a children’s book. Both were projects for family members. I also designed and developed this portfolio website.

My basic workflow is the same for any web design and development project. First, low resolution wireframes are sketched in pencil and the basic structure and hierarchy are drawn out for each main page and content-type according to their function and intended user group. High-res mockups are then drawn in Affinity Designer, including a style tile of fonts, colour palettes and site assets (buttons, forms etc).

All sites are developed in WordPress using Elementor Pro, a non-coding solution, and additional plugins. Further customisations are implemented by CSS. In Elementor, a stylesheet is established based on the style tile drawn in Affinity Designer. All pages and custom post types are set up in WordPress and templates and other site components (e.g. footers, headers and forms) are then designed in Elementor’s Theme Builder.

Using additional plugins, I have experience in establishing a membership website whereby users can register to gain access to restricted areas of the site and information on otherwise public pages. Users register for a profile, from where they can submit and manage post submissions via frontend forms, and contact other registered users.

I have designed and developed an online shop for the sale of physical and downloadable products. And I am experienced in designing and deploying interactive elements to expand website functionality via HTML 5.

Example projects include the Polerouter Reference Website, Skipp the Sailor and this portfolio website and blog. Read more about these projects on Béhance.

The Polerouter Reference Website

A multi-purpose website, it comprises a collection of reference materials that are regularly updated by the site owner and a membership area where users can register and submit and manage post submissions for the Marketplace. The website has featured in international media for watch collectors.

Gif: Cath Jex

Skipp the Sailor children's book

Skipp the Sailor is a children’s picture book by Nancy Rose publishers in the Lake District, UK. I designed and developed their website, which serves as the home for the Skipp the Sailor books, games and online shop for book sales and other merchandise. As part of the website redesign I also designed a number of printable products for the shop and the interactive games.

Credit: Cath Jex

Cath Jex portfolio and blog

I designed and developed my own portfolio and blog. The site is periodically redesigned as I learn more skills in design and web development. The site also serves as a development area to test new functionality, such as implementing dynamic content to track academic publications for deployment to researcher portfolios and project websites.


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