Workshop: How to write #popsci

How do you convert the title of an academic paper into a clickable headline? How do you write for a non-expert audience? This short course had some answers.

Illustration: Catherine Jex

Date Completed: 2017

The Brief: A one-day introductory course in writing popular science articles for PhD students in Denmark.

Key Features: Teaching . Group exercises . Public speaking

Client: Technical University of Denmark, AQUA Department

Media Type: Training Course . Scicomm

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This one day course was delivered by myself and Peter Hyldgård, the head of the Danish Centre for science Communication at It was delivered to PhD students in the AQUA department at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), as a short introduction to popular science writing.

We covered some of the key concepts in popular scicomm, including:

  • How to structure a popsci article
  • How to write an engaging headline
  • How to shape a take-home message
  • How to find a consistent narrative


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