How To Write Popsci: A Written Guide

An introduction to effective science communication.

Illustration: Catherine Jex

Completed: 2018

The Brief: Produce a short handbook for scientists writing for Forskerzonen and ScienceNordic.

Client: Forskerzonen . ScienceNordic

Media: Ebook . Print Quality Media

Features: Affinity Publisher

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In 2018, I produced a guidebook for scientists writing popular science articles for Forskerzonen and ResearcherZone at ScienceNordic in collaboration with Anders Høegh Lammers, editor at Forskerzonen. The book was sent as an ebook to scientists to help them write articles for a non-expert audience.

It covers key topics, such as:

  • How to structure a popular science article
  • How to hone your take-home message
  • How to find a killer opening sentence and headline
  • A series of lookup tables to avoid some of the most common mistakes that we came across as popsci editors
  • The dos and don’ts of effective scicomm

It was prepared in Affinity Publisher Beta Edition. This works pretty much the same way as Adobe Indesign and has virtually the same functionality. But, since it is still in beta phase it is currently available to download free.

A short introduction to effective popular science writing.

Learn how to structure an effective and engaging popular science article for a non-expert audience. And avoid some of the most common mistakes in popsci.

Illustration: Catherine Jex

Illustration: Catherine Jex

Quick Reference Lookup Tables

Easy lookup tables allow readers to check the dos and don’ts of effective scicomm.

Available to all Forskerzonen authors

The book is freely available to all contributing authors of Forskerzonen and ResearcherZone.

Illustration: Catherine Jex

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