Logo Design: Watch Website

Simple, bold logo design for use online in web design and social media.

Photo: Catherine Jex

Completed: 2018

The Brief: Designing a logo for a watch collector's website.

Client: universalgenevepolerouter.com

Media: website

Features: Affinity Designer

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The logo was designed for a popular watch reference website, UniversalGenevePoleRouter.com.

The website presents a ever expanding database of model numbers, reference information, and material about a particular brand of watches.

The Concept

I designed the logo to represent the types of watches presented on the website, and so the most obvious choice was to reproduce it from a picture of one of the watches.

It was produced in Affinity Designer, and has been used on the UGPR homepage as well as their social media channels.


Designed in Affinity Designer

The logo vector artwork was prepared in Affinity Designer – a cheaper and in many ways better, alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

Photo: Catherine Jex

Gif: Catherine Jex / Photo provided by Adam Hambly

Inspired by a photo

The logo was designed with reference to a photo provided by the website owner, depicting one of the Pole Router models. It has an iconic shape and dial that is instantly recognisable in the logo design.

Designed for website and SoMe

The logo is easily deployed across the website as a large hero image on the homepage, as an icon in the main navigation menu, and across social media channels.

Photo: Screenshot

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