Popular Science Editing

Experienced editor for an online popular science news site.

Photo: Screenshot / Catherine Jex

Completed: 2017 and 2018

The Brief: Helping scientists to communicate their research in written articles for popular science dissemination.

Client: ScienceNordic . ResearcherZone . Forskerzonen

Media: Online news . Magazine

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I became an editor at ScienceNordic.com in 2017 – an online popular science news site based in Denmark and Norway – having worked there as a writer since 2015. Initially, I oversaw the Danish content, and in 2018 I assumed responsibility for both the Danish and Norwegian content.

As editor at ScienceNordic, I had three main areas of responsibility:

  1. To commission, edit, and schedule translations of journalistic articles from Videnskab.dk, Forskning.no, and partner articles from Norwegian universities.
  2. To promote and monitor outreach of ScienceNordic content by fostering new partnerships with international media, including The Conversation, Phys.org, Medical Xpress, and Real Clear Science, as well as local English language news media in Scandinavia, and ScienceNordic’s social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn).
  3. To commission, oversee, edit, and schedule articles written by scientists as part of Forskerzonen at Videnskab.dk and the ResearcherZone at ScienceNordic. In this role, I edited articles written by researchers for a non-expert audience. These articles covered a range of topics in STEM and social sciences. Forskerzonen was launched by Videnskab.dk to help scientists write their own popular science articles for a non-expert audience.

Common to all of my editing and journalistic work to date is a keen eye for detail, ability to meet deadlines, and coordinating with journalists, sources, and contributing scientists to meet those deadlines. I also oversaw the social media channels, which all grew significantly in followers and activity during by tenure (2015 to 2018).

Editor At ScienceNordic Since 2017

As editor, I commissioned translations and edited journalistic articles from our Nordic partners for an international readership.

Photo: Screenshot / Catherine Jex

Photo: Screenshot / Catherine Jex

Forskerzonen In English

I commissioned and edited articles written by scientists in English for Forskerzonen to help scientists write their own popular science articles for a non-expert audience.

Media partnerships and social media

I promoted ScienceNordic content by fostering content sharing partnerships with international media, including The Conversation, Phys.org, and Medical Xpress.

Photo: Catherine Jex

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