State of the Climate: Panel Debate

Grab a cocktail and watch the first ever Science & Cocktails panel debate, hosted by Catherine Jex and Jais Baggestrøm Koch.

Video: Science & Cocktails, Copenhagen.

Date Completed: 2019

The Brief: Co-hosted the first ever panel debate for Science & Cocktails in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Key Features: Panel debate . Moderating . QnA

Client: Science and Cocktails Foundation

Media Type: Live event

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What is the state of the climate? How much has the climate changed already? What changes can we expect in the coming years? And what should we do to address the single most important issue facing humanity?

These were just some of the questions we put to four of Denmark’s leading researchers in the field of climate change at the first ever Science & Cocktail panel debate in Copenhagen. I co-hosted the event along with Jais Baggestrøm Koch, journalist and podcast editor at

Our role was to plan the discussion topics and questions, as well as the structure of the debate overall. On the night, it was our task to keep the discussion flowing, to involve the audience as much as possible and to involve all panelists in the debate. And throughout this we aimed to keep the discussion light and conversational, weaving in humour to an otherwise serious topic.

Watch the full event (minus the audience QnA) in the video at the top of this article.

Science & Cocktails: where science meets nightlife culture

Science & Cocktails is an incredible event run by a dedicated, professional team of volunteers. Collectively they host events in Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa. Their aim is to make science a part of our nightlife culture and I’d say they’re succeeding.

Each event combines delicious cocktails, live art and music, and tops it off with fascinating talks by some of the greatest minds from around the world. I’m in complete awe of what these guys pull off week in week out, and it was such a thrill to be asked to co-host their first ever panel debate. I hope there are many more to come.

Learn more about Science & Cocktails’s mission in this article at ScienceNordic. You can read articles by previous speakers at Science & Cocktails in Danish at Forskerzonen and in English at Researcherzone.


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